The Yard’s focus is sustainability. We are extremely interested in the provenance, sourcing, and ethics of the ingredients we use. Our motto is "food is health".

We are using only seasonal fruit and vegetables along with seasonal meat. Around 70% of the vegetables that we use are grown in our garden next to our kitchen, while the other 30% is sourced through reliable eco-friendly partners.

What we do to be more sustainable

Collect rainwater for fertilisation

Have non-digging gardens meaning the plants, fungi, and soil organisms can break down to create organic matter which helps the soil with nutrients. This also means that we aren’t damaging the ground below affecting the current plants, fungi, and soil organisms.

Collect food waste to compost and create a nutrient-rich soil

By only cooking what’s in season we reduce food miles. You are also going to get more nutrition from seasonal foods as they are at their best as they haven’t been kept refrigerated for months.


By doing all these things we reduce the electricity costs and food miles meaning that less fuel and energy are used to create your carefully crafted dishes using the freshest ingredients with the most colour and nutrients.